Welding pliers

Welding pliers

It is wise to use good material during welding. You naturally work with high temperatures and there is always a bit of danger when working with a welding machine. Because metal conducts heat well, it is also almost impossible to hold a piece of metal during welding. For this reason you have to use welding clamps to hold the metal in place. Welding clamps are clamps which can be secured firmly. That way you can accurately weld without burning your hands.

Accessories for welding

Next to that you need welding pliers when you are going to weld, there are other issues vital when you are going to work. You will need to put on a welding helmet during welding to protect your eyes. And welding gloves and a welding apron are not a luxury. Your safety is of course our priority. Other practical things that you can purchase for your welding machine, for example, is a handy trolley, which can fit both a welding machine and the associated cylinders. Then can move your welding equipment around easily. If you want more information about what you might need in welding, please contact our technical service or ask an employee in our shop. We are happy to help you with answers to questions and advice.

Trailer And Tools webshop for welding equipment

Besides that we have a wonderful store in Hengelo, you can of course make your order directly online. We will make sure that you have your order delivered at your door as quickly as possible. If you prefer to drop by our store, you will see that we have a wide range. Speak to one of our skilled employees to be informed about the accessories that accompany welding. So if you are looking for good welding pliers, come to Trailer And Tools!

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