Go-cart / Quadricycle tires

Quadricycle Band - Drive wheel 4 side hole, 25 x 25 mm, Wheel 4.80 / 4.00-8, Wheel skelter

Quadricycle wheel with four-side hole (involves driving wheel skelter)


Quadricycle Tire - around 20mm, Wheel 4.80 / 4.00-8, Go-cart wheel

Quadricycle Tire complete with rim and (rolling) needle bearing. (WHEEL-00010).


Quadricycle tires Set 1: home delivered for € 50, -. Please note that this is purely an internet price combined with dispatch

Quadricycle tires, set 1. Note this is purely make a net price in combination with (AANB-00001).


Quadricycle/go-kart tires set 2: delivered at home for 45, -. Please note that this is purely an internet price combined with dispatch

Quadricycle/go-kart tires set 2. Please note this is purely a internet rate in combination with send (AANB-00002) . At the desk/in the store(not including shipp... Read more


Tire cover 4.80 / 4:00 - 8, tire, Cover tire

Tire cover, with cross section (WHEEL-00 013).

Tire tube and tire cover 4.80 /4.00-8, cover, tube, tire

Tire tube and tire cover, set. (WHEEL-00001).

Tube 4.80 / 4.00 - 8, Inner Tube, Tire tube

In connection with valves with dimensions 4.00 / 4.80 - 8. (WHEEL-00014).

Go-cart / Quadricycle tires

With a huge range of the most diverse products for your workshop or garage you discover Trailer And Tools provider of automotive tools and automotive parts. We give you the service to make your workshop complete and to approach any task with access to the best resources. A wide range of accessories is part of our assortment. Here we will give you the selection for quadricycle tires, complete with rim, tube and tire cover. These tires make any quadricycle complete. We apply a strict selection process when it comes to individual items, which are if they meet high quality  added to our assortment. This means that the at us ordered quadricycle tires have a very long lifetime and you'll have years of enjoyment.

Simply made the choice

You get a guarantee in quality on our kart tires also applies to our other offerings. With a very broad and diverse product range, we can imagine that you are not sure which item is best for you. In this we can help you, our professional staff will gladly assist you with advice and guidance. We offer more than enough variety to align them completely on your budget and requirements. Here keep the advantages we give you does not stop there.

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Not only will you have us access to a very wide range, but you will find that we also maintain a large inventory. By buying in large, we can offer you competitive rates for go-kart tires and our entire product range. A large stock also means that it is possible for us to process your order quickly. This means that you have your order at home quickly and smoothly with you going. We hope to see you back at our shop, or will you visit our showroom in Hengelo.

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