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Boat rollers

Do you own a boat and want to transport it to or from the water? The boat on a trailer sliding must be carried out carefully in order to avoid damage to the boat. Trailer And Tools can help with boat rollers and other tools, to get your boat on your boat trailer without damage. We are a shop specializing in trailers and also have thought of boat owners, and so we can serve you with everything you need to get your boat on your trailer.

Boat rollers, keel rollers, pads and more can be found at Trailer And Tools

To get a boat on a trailer without damaging it, you benefit from boat rollers and keel rolls. These are available at Trailer and tools in various shapes and sizes, for the side and front of the keel. Also axles for keel rollers sit in our range, as well as supports to secure side rollers and keel rollers. Boat bow guards to catch the boat are also offered by us. Additionally, you can buy buffer blocks from us, these absorb the shock and prevent damage.

With these products you avoid damage to your precious boat, and at a bargain price. All products in this category are in fact available at attractive prices. So it is worthwhile in all cases to protect your boat against damage in this way.

If you need advice on how to apply these products, please contact our experts for advice.

Besides boat supplies there is far more trailer accessories at Trailer And Tools

If you need even more things for your trailer, just take a look at the other trailer parts. Our extensive range offers what every trailer owner needs.  You can order everything and pay easily and quickly at home.

Trailer And Tools is your trailer specialist.

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